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    November 2016 SAAS Newsletter


Since its inception in 1979, Student-Athlete Academic Services has evolved from a two person, academic support office to a broad-based, nationally prominent student support services operation. Its purpose is to offer academic and personal support services to student-athletes to assist them to make timely and satisfactory progress toward their degrees. Awarded a prestigious "Program of Excellence", the entire staff of experienced and dedicated professionals—athletic coordinators, retention staff and tutors, life skills educators and administrative staff--are committed to assisting students to become responsible, productive and well educated individuals.

Our Mission

The University of Iowa Student-Athlete Academic Services Office offers academic and personal support services to student-athletes to assist them to make timely and satisfactory progress toward their degrees. The Athletics Student Services Staff is dedicated to our profession and our constituents, particularly to the success and development as whole persons of our student-athletes. This development includes eliciting values of character, education, willingness, commitment, leadership, teamwork, quality of life and meaningfulness.

As our motto, "Today's Hawkeyes are Tomorrow's Leaders" suggests, we have set ourselves the task of helping to mold our student athletes into future leaders.

Our Skills

Proficiency in student development

Knowledge of University of Iowa academic requirements

Expertise in selected educational, administrative and technical areas

Understanding of NCAA and Big Ten regulations and procedures

The University of Iowa Athletic Department's Five-Year Plan

The University of Iowa's Department of Intercollegiate Athletics employs more than 200 fulltime staff who, collectively, works to provide more than 650 talented male and female student-athletes a superior academic and athletics experience. In 2008, the Department introduced its first five-year strategic plan. That document detailed the goals and action items that would guide the planning across all units of the Department. Much has been accomplished during the past five years, a period of time that has also been marked by significant changes locally, regionally, and nationally in intercollegiate athletics.

The five-year plan embodied in this new strategic plan will, again, serve as the road map for the Department as it moves further into the 21st century. The plan provides the framework to support the stated mission of the Department as well as the Department's stated values and commitments, continues to embrace the Department's commitment to being "student-athlete centered," and maintains the Department's long-standing culture of striving to compete for championships (Win), academic success (Graduate), and for its participants to be active contributors to the greater University and Iowa City communities (Doing it right) as the path to ensure that "Today's Hawkeyes are Tomorrow's Leaders."

The athletic department strategic plan process invited input from all staff, student-athletes (through their representatives), the Presidential Committee on Athletics, and other members of the UI community. The strategic plan of the UI Department of Intercollegiate Athletics is not a static document. As goals are accomplished, they will likely be replaced by greater aspirations.


  • Competitive Success – (WIN)
  • Undergraduate Education – (GRADUATE)
  • Compliance/Student-Athlete Welfare/Diversity – (DO IT RIGHT)
  • Finance, Facility, and Operations
  • Engagement