Students requesting summer athletic aid must submit a Summer School Application through Front Rush. Athletic aid is available, but is not guaranteed, and is reserved for students on tender/scholarship.



  • Students who apply for summer athletic aid must demonstrate an academic and/or financial need to receive aid.

  • Students must apply for summer athletic aid, be approved, and submit a Summer School Acceptance Form before athletics aid is dispersed.

  • Only students on athletic aid during the upcoming regular academic year are eligible to receive summer athletic aid.

  • Students who receive summer athletic aid must be enrolled in a minimum of 3 semester hours of UI coursework. Students enrolling in fewer than 3 semester hours must submit an appeal to their Academic Coordinator. Students will receive aid during the summer term in which they are enrolled.

  • Any students who meet the summer activities exemption (i.e., football, men’s basketball, and women’s basketball) do not need to enroll in summer school classes to receive room and board.

  • Students receiving room and board must reside within the Iowa City or surrounding community to receive their monthly stipend.

  • Students requesting summer athletic aid must submit a Summer School Application after they have enrolled in classes during the summer priority registration period.

  • Students enrolled in summer school are held to the Academic Services Personalized Academic Support Plan requirements.

  • Students may choose to select an online course option and still qualify for room and board.

Repayment Clause

Students who fail or withdraw from a course already in progress may be billed the cost of tuition for the course unless they have extenuating circumstances (i.e., unforeseen circumstances that would prohibit a student from completing a course such as a personal or family emergency).

Students will be billed the full tuition amount of each course that is covered by the Athletics Department. The following conditions could result in summer school aid being billed to a student-athletes UBill account:

  1. Coursework in which a student enrolled, but for which athletics aid was not approved

  2. Courses dropped after the full-tuition refund period

  3. A student received a failing grade for a course during the summer term

Important Dates and Deadlines

  1. February - College advisor meetings (obtain a plan of study signed by a college advisor)

  2. March - Summer school priority registration period

  3. May 1- Deadline to submit a Summer School Application along with a plan of study through Front Rush.

Plan of study should indicate

  • Intended summer coursework within a primary area of study

  • College advisor signature

  • College advisor contact information

Applications received after this deadline will only be reviewed in cases where a student is deemed academically ineligible after the spring term.

Approval Process

Summer school applications are reviewed by the following:

  • Academic Coordinator

  • Athletic Compliance

  • Sport Coach

  • Sport Administrator

Summer school applications will receive final approval by the Associate Athletics Director for Student-Athlete Academic Services.


Priority will be given to:

  • Returning students;

  • Students who submitted a Summer School Form prior to May 1;

  • Students who need summer school to become academically eligible;

  • Students whose required courses cannot be taken during the year; or

  • Students who need coursework to graduate in 4 years.